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Cynthia loves Texas and her many travels and love for animals are prominent in the themes of her paintings

If you wish to purchase a painting, please contact me directly.  Shipping is calculated by your location.

Texas State Longhorn Herd

At one time in Kingdom State Park in Texas, a portion of the Texas State Longhorn Herd used to reside within the park. Acrylic 20" X 24" $425

Texas Icons

Texas is rich with unique treasures and iconic features such as wildflowers, bluebonnets, the Lone Star flag, and the Longhorn. Acrylic 20" X 24" $825

Almost to the Red River in Montague County, Cafe

n the 1800's, the Chisholm Trail brought cattle north to market. The trail passed through Montague County in Texas. This cowboy was tasked with bringing in the high horned white steer and its followers after their escape from the herd. Acrylic 24" X 30" $675

Cactus Shadows

Ripe purple tunas are gracing the cactus as the shadows late in the afternoon create cool, imaginative shapes. Acrylic on paper 8" X 10" $425

Unexpected Encounter

The wolf has stepped into the beam of moonlight and has turned and seen you there. It is startled and wary of what to do as are you. It is an unexpected encounter in the night.

Springs Floods in Texas

Tongue in cheek, Texas has variable weather from moment to moment. In the Hill Country, it may be dry or it may be floods, depending on the day. Acrylic 16" X 20" $525

Now you See Her, Now What

Sometimes, in getting cattle out of the South Texas brush, it is difficult enough to find them, but once found, it may be more difficult to get them where they need to be. Acrylic 24" X 20" $675

Running horses in the dust and dark

Wild ponies are galloping across a dusty plain just as the last rays of sunlight are leaving, silhouetting them by a golden halo. Acrylic 15" X 30" $475

Runners in the Mist

This is a surreal depiction of a herd of horses running through a rocky crag with mist swirling at their feet. Acrylic 16" X 20" $425

Farrier and Friends

In Bandera, I watched a Farrier in the hot Texas summer, shoe the ranch's horses, gracefully and patiently. Acrylic 16" X 20" $525

Blue Horse

This blue grey horse is running next to a sorrel as they chase the wind. You can hear their hoofbeats as they thunder past. Acrylic 16" X 20" $525

Almost to the Red River in Montague County

In the 1800's, the Chisholm trail passed through Montague County, TX, on the way to Red River Station, a gathering spot on the Red River. This painting depicts cowboys and cattle as they are almost to the destination. Acrylic 24" X 30" $675

Southwest Visions

This abstract has colors and designs of the Southwest. Kokopelli, Indians, horses, Indian symbolism, blanket designs, skulls, and others combine to form this energetic abstract. Acrylic 20" X 20" $525

Smoke Visions

From the smoke and flames, come spirits and visions. Everything is not what it seems as the flames dance and spark upwards. Acrylic 16" X 20" $525

Young Pow Wow Dancer

This young man is dancing in a Native American Pow Wow, celebrating his heritage and culture. The ribbons are flying and the colors are popping. Thanks to Linda Anderson in British Columbia for use of her photo for reference. Acrylic 24" X 20" $675

Traditional Dancer

I attended a heritage day at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Oklahoma. That day I tasted authentic Chickasaw dishes and observed native dances. Some of the dancers gave permission to photograph them. This young man was a wonderful dance and I appreciate him letting me photograph him and later paint him. Oil 20" X 16" $575

Orange and Purple

These ponies are wild and free and running without care. Acrylic 20" X 16" $525

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